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Joie Connelly

 PEMF Facilitator

Joie is a Life Transformation Teacher and Coach, Speaker and Business Mentor
with more than fifty years of teaching, coaching and mentoring
Business Entrepreneurs, and Students of the art and science of Energy
Medicine, as well as Individual Clients from every walk of life.

Joie's life work includes Fortune 500 Corporate Coaching, Training and
motivation of thousands of business entrepreneurs. In addition to those .
responsibilities, she is a multiple -award winning Corporate Sales and
Marketing Manager with over twenty-five successful years of experience.

Upon retiring from Corporate Management, she embarked on a career in the
field of mental health. Partnering with others, she became an Owner, Manager
and Counselor In Training for an out-patient Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Clinic.
This work involved coordinating efforts with Probation and Parole Departments
as well as various Federal, State and Local institutions to provide the greatest
assistance possible to clients and their families.

Joie then turned to academia and taught, as well as coordinated, the teaching of
esoteric classes for South Louisiana Community College in Lafayette, Louisiana.
As a Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Hypnotist, Certified Reiki Master and
Certified SoulCollage Facilitator and COO of Stretch Your Potential, she fulfills her
own life potential by facilitating the empowerment of students and clients to live their
lives to the fullest.

Joie may be reached at: 337-278-3034 or

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