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Power Plate Fitness

Vibrafit offers two class variations using our amazing Power Plate machines:


PulseFit is a 30-minute circuit style of training done using vibration with guided instruction, carefully chosen music, and a dynamic experience that will challenge you, strengthen you, and empower you. The results are strong, lean, powerful, resilient bodies. 


POWER PAIR is a 30 minute small group session with a focus on core strengthening and balance training done on individual Power Plates with guided instruction.  


SilverFit is a 30 minute functional balance circuit style training with a focus on stretch, strengthening and flexibility for active aging. 

Click the image to learn more about the benefits of Power Plate Therapy!

Yoga & Meditation Classes

We offer basic and Yin Yoga sessions as well as guided meditations and sound baths, often with special guest teachers as well as regularly scheduled classes with our Vibrafit crew!

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eesystem scalar energy sesssions

Vibrafit offers a one-of-a-kind experience with EESystem Scalar Energy sessions.

Step into a quantum photonic field filled with countless life-enhancing frequencies. These frequencies charge our cells to the healthy level of 70-90 millivolts, promoting the healing process.

Click the photo for more information on EESystem Scalar Energy.

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