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LightBody Wellness

Detox Services 

Ionic Footbath

Restore the body’s energy, balance, and facilitate it’s natural detoxification process.

  • Removes heavy metals

  • Inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, & fungus

  • Boosts immune system

  • Purify the blood and lymphatic system

Infrared Body Wrap

Experience a feeling of overall well-being with added benefits :

  • Burn up to 1200 calories per session

  • Increases metabolism for up to 72 hrs

  • Deep tissue detox and pain relief

  • Cellulite reduction and improves skin texture

  • Purge toxins

Molecular Enhancer

Tesla technology that recharges cells to their optimum levels, providing the energy in the body needed to heal itself

  • Boosts recovery and speeds repair of tissue

  • Speeds up removal of viruses & bacteria

  • Improves circulation & energizes the body

  • Helps with chronic fatigue

hydrogen therapy

Over 1000 peer-reviewed scientific studies suggest molecular hydrogen has therapeutic potential in 170 disease models and in essentially every organ in the human body

  • Anti-allergy

  • Anti- cell death

  • Anti-inflammation

  • Improves diabetes

  • Speeds recovery

  • Liver protection


Oxygen  Therapy 

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