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Jamie Schneider

 Fitness Instructor

My name is Jamie Schneider.

I began my fitness journey over 25 years ago. I have always been active and

involved in some sort of activity or fitness program, but I fell in love with

playing tennis. I quickly realized that in order to improve my tennis game

I needed to incorporate other forms of exercise. I knew I needed help with

strength, endurance, and flexibility.

I began practicing yoga, pilates and found Vibrafit! I quickly realized the benefits of merging my workouts and completing them on the vibration plate. I was sold! This inspired me and gave me the encouragement to work towards my goal . I wanted to become an instructor at Vibrafit .

I am a retired educator, so teaching is something that I truly love to do.

I decided to get certified and trained as a fitness instructor and Life Coach. I received my fitness certification from NASM. My certification concentration was in core, flexibility, and neuromuscular stretching. I have always believed that fitness should be a BALANCE . I feel workouts should integrate many forms and practices. It should be enjoyable, accessible and tailored to measurable and realistic goals.

Vibrafit is where I found my “balance” and I like helping clients find and achieve theirs !

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