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suzy conley

 Fitness Instructor

I’m Suzy Hebert Conley - a wife, mother, sister and “Mimzy” grandmother. I was

raised in the Vidrine community and educated as an RN at LSUE since 1985. For

5 years after retirement, I was blessed to live in an RV and travel across the US,

experiencing many different cultures and practices. I learned how to alternatively

bio-hack my own  physical, mental and spiritual health, fueling my desire for service and the promotion of resilient health over management of symptoms.  Relying on 30 years of multifaceted nursing practice and achieving certifications in Energy Healing, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Addiction Recovery, Meditation, Hypnosis and Spiritual Life Coaching, I have been blessed to assist clients with achieving their best life from the inside-out!

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