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Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

PEMF therapy can be used for taking better care of your brain to help ease anxiety, brain fog, depression, and other conditions that have become common in our modern lifestyle.


Our modern way of life often gives us a headache and reduced awareness. People living in cities often feel dizzy and have reduced ability to focus. That is the syndrome called BRAIN FOG as it creates a cloudy condition in our brains, a time when our memory and cognitive function have deteriorated. Although Brain Fog is not a medical condition, it is a syndrome that can bring stress into our daily lives.

Did you know

Brain Fog is the number one reason for lower productivity levels in people who work in polluted city centers! The necessity to deal with it is apparent for people who enjoy being energetic and competitive.

Although neurologists have not identified Brain Fog as a new illness, it has described the syndrome quite well as frequent mental and physical problems.

  • Brain Fog combines cognitive fatigue problems, lack of correct judgment, and memory function impairment that are chronic in appearance.

  • An inability to store new information in one’s brain or recall the information already stored

  • Partial impairment of the use and understanding of language.

  • Problems with planning and organizing a weekly schedule

  • Loss of the ability to make calculationsand resolve problems quickly.

  • Gradual deterioration of brain functions that help in recognizing shapes and plotting charts or directions for daily destinations

  • Mental confusion and lack of concentration

  • Sleeping disorders that vary from oversleeping to insomnia.

  • Abnormal exercise sessions that may last beyond recommendations


Brain Fog can have various symptoms that affect both your physical and mental health.

1…It is a new medical entity nominated in recent years to include people who feel tired all day, even after they have a full eight-hour sleep. Often affecting people who are working in city centers or freelancers using their computer equipment.

2…Chronic fatigue syndrome equally affects men and women, who may also suffer from distress and moodiness when at work.

3…Hormone Imbalance

Women in the peri-menopause phase of life may have sex hormone turbulence. Men may suffer from testosterone insufficiency and both may have problems concerning their thyroid gland. This turbulence can bring Brain Fog suddenly into their lives and destroy professional and personal relationships.

4…Thyroid gland insufficiency or hyperactivity - The thyroid gland is important for metabolism. It produces the T3 and T4 hormones responsible for the exchange of energy between cells. If you have a thyroid gland insufficiency your hormones can also become a


5…Individuals experiencing Brain Fog may also notice personality changes and find themselves irritated during social interaction with others.

6…Brain Fog may cause symptoms of insomnia or sleepiness that can also affect one’s personal and professional life.

7…Forgetfulness is common for individuals with Brain Fog. They may experience a lack of memory and constantly forget appointments and other important information.

8…Brain Fog can also interfere with concentration and impose barriers to completing any intellectual task.

9…Motivation to go to work or socialize may be lost. Creativity and new ideas may become lost.

Boost Mood and Clear Brain Fog with PEMF Therapy

Fortunately research and reviews on PEMF therapy for brain-health and neuro-wellness shows its effectiveness as a mood booster and also major depressive disorders. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology (PEMF) has proven anti-depressive effects which are more effective than anti-depressants. The FDA has approved the use of PEMF for treating mental depression in the U.S. and Canada, and its also widely accepted in the Eastern Europe and EU.

When PEMF is applied using applicators such as pads or pillows effects studied using trans-cranial magnetic stimulation. Brain stimulation using pulsating magnetic fields improves circulation and modifies neuro-chemical imbalances that cause depression.

By enhancing cellular respiration and nutrient intake PEMF balances hormonal functions including serotonin (which helps you feel calm, serene, optimistic and self-confident. Dopamine (responsible for making you feel in

high gear when you need it.

In addition, PEMF therapy has anti-inflammatory effect on the brain tissues just as it does on the rest of the body. Brain inflammation can also be responsible for brain fog or decline in cognitive function, depression, stress and anxiety. Research suggests that you can reverse these trends and take charge of your brain’s health in as little as two weeks if you give your brain the frequencies it needs to recharge itself to operate effectively.

New research even suggests that brain fog—that huge grey area between normal functioning and the dreaded dementia or Alzheimer’s disease – may, in fact, be reversible with PEMF!

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