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What is PEMF Therapy?

Is the use of low-intensity, low-frequency electromagnetic fields to restore cells to their proper function and has been around for thousands of years.

The acronym P E M F stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and has been used by the Chinese medical practitioners for around 4000 years. They determined that certain magnetic stones could be used in medicine because they had a positive effect on many illnesses and, also, as a preventative for many diseases.

However, even though it has been around for thousands of years and stood the test of time, PEMF is still not as well-known as some other commercial types of treatment such as physical therapy, chiropractic or massage.

At that time, however, the only method practitioners of healing had was observation to determine health effects.

Now, however, our medicine and science have developed enough that we can understand the principle by which PEMF works.

In the late 1800, science reached a point where we could understand electrons and how they affect the way our bodies function at a cellular level.

We learned that if we stimulate the electrons in specific parts of our body, we can remove many health problems that we might have, and improve our overall physiology.

Studies are already on the way to explain the workings of PEMF in even greater detail.

When in grade school, we learned that energy is everywhere and in everything around us. We learned that all energy is also dynamic, and that it moves all the time, so we know it also has a frequency.

This is important when we are answering the question of “What is PEMF Therapy”. All of the atoms, chemicals, and cells in our body produce their own electromagnetic origin.

It's also very important to know that every organ in our body also emits electromagnetic energy. Each and every one of them is able to emit its own electromagnetic energy, and, also, to receive electromagnetic energy from outside the body.

Electromagnetic energy is synonymous with life, in a way because as long as we live, our body and cells emit electromagnetic impulses. Once

we are no longer alive, this activity ceases.

Another important note is that the cells in our body are extremely sensitive. They are responsive to very low frequencies and amounts of electromagnetic waves.

PEMF therapy is important because we cannot keep track of every single one of the 70 trillion cells in our body. Often these cells show signs of dysfunction and PEFM therapy is the ideal way to deal with these microcellular pathologies that we might not even know about.

A characteristic of our cells is that they can easily fun very low on energy due to internal and external stressors. By exposing them to electromagnetic waves, we can deliberately replenish their energy storage, and eliminate feeling sluggish and susceptible to disease anymore.

So what is PEMF Therapy? It is essentially a Charger For Our Cells!

It has been approved for use in treating many medical conditions, and medical research has also pointed to its effectiveness in treating a wide range of issues.

Doctors and other medical professionals have long known of the benefits of using electromagnetic fields to heal the body and mind.

Doctors have been claiming since the mid-1800’s that electricity could help heal bones. However it was not until 100 years later that these claims were studied and verified.

One of the earliest applications was in the healing of bone fractures, particularly those at risk for non-union or delayed union.

The earliest studies in the use of PEMF therapy were for this purpose, and since that time, we have learned a great deal about what it can do to heal the body.

Electromagnetic fields are generated from a change in the magnetic field of an object. To create the electromagnetic pulses necessary for PEMF therapy, an electric current is passed through a metal coil, which generates a magnetic field.

When a magnetic field is created using a changing electrical current, it is referred to as an electromagnetic field.

How Electromagnetic Fields Affect the Body

When an electromagnetic field is introduced, it affects the behavior of all charged objects within the range of the field.

Because your body cells have an electrical charge and emit their own magnetic field, they are influenced by these pulses of energy, as well.

When you pass a magnetic field over the body, then, it changes you at your most basic, cellular level.

Every cell in your body contains organelles known as mitochondria, which are responsible for generating the energy the cell needs to perform its basic functions and to repair itself, eliminate wastes, and to create new cells.

These mitochondria need nutrients to perform their functions, and when you expose your cells to electromagnetic fields, you increase the movement of nutrients, ions, and other helpful components into the cell, the ability of each mitochondria gets a boost to do its job. The healthier your mitochondria, the healthier your tissues, and your whole body.

PEMF therapy also provides a boost of energy to your cells because the frequencies that are most often used in this form of treatment are similar to those that your cells naturally resonate with.

The closer the match, the better you will be able to influence the function of the cell. Each cell in your body has a specific purpose that is related to the type of tissue that it is a part of.

Some cells are part of muscles or other soft tissues, while others make up organs, bone or nerves.

Every cell has a specific function, and when large groups of cells are unable to work correctly, that tissue starts to malfunction or becomes injured, that can lead to disease, symptoms, or other problems.

The more you can use the PEMF therapy on the correct cells, the better you are able to influence their function and improve overall health.


Nerve Repair

Treatment of Arthritis

Fast Cell Regeneration

Better Range of Motion

Better Flood Flow

Depression Treatment

Better Bone Healing

Lowed Diabetes Factors

Helps Alleviate Migraines

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